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India's first lithium cell facility 

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Munoth Industries Limited (MIL), promoted by Century old Chennai based Munoth group, has set up India’s maiden lithium cell manufacturing unit. The complete project will be set up in three phases at a total investment of Rs 799 crores on a sprawling 30-acre campus at Electronic Manufacturing cluster 2 [EMC 2] located adjacent to the Tirupati Airport.

MIL has a technology agreement with China based battery manufacturer Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co Ltd, which is co-owned by Government and private investors. MIL has also tied up for technical advice with Council for scientific & Industrial research (CSIR), a Government of India undertaking. The company is also in talks with leading technical institutions in India conducting research on anode & cathode materials.

MIL’s equity shareholders apart from Munoth Family’s majority stake include promoters of Apollo Hospitals, Arkay Group (Bangalore), E-Pack group, GM Modular Switches, Nahar builders (Mumbai), Polaris & Intellect design, RDB Group, Shasun Group & Lifecell and Vicom Security. The company’s board members have vast business international experience and it has roped in senior professionals and has in place a very strong management team for the lithium cell project.

Munoth group apart from telecom has been into capital market operations since 1994. The capital market entity was the first in South India to become depository participant. It is also a SEBI registered Merchant banker, Portfolio Manager and Stock broker.


Munoth family as part of its social corporate responsibilities have contributed in field of education, medical care and religion.

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Planning a total capacity of 1.25 GW

MIL has put up a state of art facility on a 30-acre campus at EMC 2, Tirupati which is equipped with advanced automatic machines sourced from leading companies, and best in class ancillary units for maintaining stringent cleanliness and humidity requirements necessary for producing world class quality cells.

The project is approved by State Government of Andhra Pradesh and MIL has been accorded slew of fiscal benefits. The project is also approved under Modified Special Incentives Package scheme by the Ministry of Electronic & Information Technology, New Delhi.


The phase I of the project which is completed at an outlay of Rs 165 crores comprises of twenty thousand square meters of manufacturing facility. The commercial production had commenced in February 2023. The unit employs about 100 persons.


​The initial installed capacity in Phase I of the project is around 250MW (which will translate into about 7 million 10AH lithium batteries for power banks).


​The capacity is planned to be increased five folds over next 3 years.

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Targeting 3C digital


Our company can produce custom size 3.7V pouch cells based on OEM requirements with capacities ranging from 260 mAh to 10000 mAh and we can achieve volume specific energy up to 400Wh/L & mass specific energy up to 200Wh/Kg.

MIL is currently supplying power bank cells to leading players in India and targets to also sell the lithium cells for digital products category like mobile phones, medical devices, power tools, laptops, Bluetooth devices including earphones, speakers, smart wearables, etc. India has a large base of mobile phone and power bank assemblers.

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Unbeatable Quality, Competitive Pricing & Locational Advantage

There’s so much happening behind the scenes of Munoth Industries Ltd to ensure our clients receive the most quality, reliable products possible. To bring our exceptional production process to light, we’ve outlined the key features below. Keep reading to learn the benefits you’ll receive when you choose to do business with us.



Truly Top-Notch

MIL will be able to meet the quality expectations of its customers easily because of

Technology tie-up with Lishen, which holds over 1,800 patents and is amongst the biggest lithium cell producers in the world

Complete end to end operations of cell making process using world class and newest automatic machines

Trained and experienced key manpower from China who will be in-charge for production. China is the World’s No 1 supplier of lithium cells and MIL will hire 5 key staff from China and retain them for initial two years

Good quality of raw materials. MIL will source the raw materials from the respective top 10 factories in China directly

Quality checks. MIL is investing in hi quality test machines for checking raw materials, and cells at varying level of production


'Just in time' supplies at attractive rates

MIL will easily be able to match or even beat imported rates because of capital & operational incentives provided by Centre and State, and import duties (which is likely to get levied in accordance to Phased Manufacturing Program [PMP] for encouraging ‘Make in India’ initiative of Government of India

Locally produced cells can add to a host of benefits vs imports in terms of hassles of delay in transit and clearances, hassles of imports, hassles of developing samples, checks & approvals, etc. Delays in product development or shipments can affect factories production schedules badly and also hamper sales targets giving upper edge to competitors.

Lithium cells import by air is restricted by IATA and importing by sea takes longer time resulting in higher working capital needs and risks of obsolesce as many models get out of market in very short time.


The factories in the surrounding EMC and closer by Sri City (<100 kilometers distance) can have the added advantage of ‘Just in Time’ supplies facilitating efficiency in their production.

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